John Russell

John Russell, ‘Return Of the living dead III. Clement Greenberg
is a conceptual artist: Flatness and Shapism’

  • This text was originally circulated by Dexter Sinister as part of Whitney Biennial, 2008. HERE.

TalkShow from John Russell on Vimeo.

  • [ABOVE] It was also performed by Katie Barrington (directed by Rebecca Bibby) in 'True Mirror Microfiche' by Dexter Sinister, as part of Talk Show, ICA, London, 2009.

Quote: New York publishers Dexter Sinister perform their play of a play, True Mirror Microfiche. Dexter Sinister is a New York-based collaboration founded by Stuart Bailey and David Reinfurt which 'publishes' work exploring the intersection of design, editing, publishing and distribution. For Talk Show Dexter Sinister re-presented True Mirror Microfiche, a play which replicated, revised and recast a play (previously staged in New York at The Kitchen, and the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2008) with a 20-strong cast.

  • And the FINAL VERSION of the text was published in Gest / Laboratory of Synthesis. R. Garnett and A. Hunt (ed.s). London: Bookworks, 2008: 81-99.