John Russell



  Barefoot in the Head  
  Curated futurological poetry reading and performance.  

'Barefoot in the Head: Futurological Poetry'
Date: 12 November 2009
Time: 20:00
Venue: Bruce High Quality Foundation University, 225 West Broadway
curated by: Mark Beasley, Alun Rowlands and John Russell

Featuring contributions from:
Die Storung, Amelia Saul, Polly Fibre, Blanko & Noiry, Dan Fox, Rose Kallal & Mark Beasley, Susanne Clausen, Dexter Sinister, Will Holder, John Russell, Virginie Bobin & Duo, Daniel C Herschlein & Trio, Bruce High Quality, Jason Martin
& Jennie Hagevik Bringake

"[...] The event developes from a necessarily oblique engagement with Brian Aldiss's novel Barefoot in the Head (1968). RE: POSSESSION BY POETRY. POSSESSION BY FICTION. POSSESSED BY PHILOSOPHY. Not as critique of the institutionalisation, instrumentalisation, commercialisation of theory (for instance) but rather as an exploration of the ECSTATIC POTENTIAL OF POSSESSION. As a form of penetration. Or revelation. Or speaking in tongues. DIALOGORHEA. And/or ideas as narcotic    Through a blizzard of words (word-cloud) which may exist as poetry or fiction [...]"

  John Russell performance Barefoot in the Head  

[Above and below] Performance by John Russell.

Sitting for the duration of the event bent over, looking at floor, arm covering eyes.

Written on t-shirt.
'Based on an image of a performance I saw in a magazine 3 or 4 years ago and my largely unmediated
interpretation of this image, this performance is staged as a dignified and elegant withdrawal of labour
(or gesture of resignation). BUT ALSO ... HEY MAN I NEED some head space ... I just need some time
to THINK. Also a way of enjoying the moderate perversity of being objectified whilst also being present
(presented)and withdrawiing from the situation at the same time. John Russell.'

  John Russell Barefoot in the Head  
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  barefoot in the head